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USL Shipping provides professional Chartering services for dry bulk cargo like Bauxite, Iron ore, Coal, Gypsum, Cement Clinker, Lime Stone and other bulk commodities.

USL Shipping views are to work with ship and cargo owners as partners. In order to develop a long-term partnership we have established transparency in our policy, we believe that it is due to the reliability and seamless communication established with our clients, that we keep ahead of their expectations, enabling an efficient and fruitful partnership.

We are a global shipping company with business units located in Dubai, India, Singapore, & China. We strongly believe that by having hands-on, local knowledge we are better able to service the needs of our (industrial) clients. Our presence in key locations enables us to follow the local and regional market trends in an efficient way, and better maintain contact with partners such as brokers, agents, lawyers and insurance companies.

Our commercial activities guided by a belief that the one-on-one relationship with clients or partners is of prime importance and the quality of the company's service is our strongest asset.

Our Management and Operation has extensive experience in all facets of the Chartering of Vessels. With this strength behind us, USL Shipping will continue to take the lead as a well known Chartering Company. We as operator always play an integral role between ship-owners and charterers for finding the best solutions on fixings of contracts.

Shipping has changed during the last decade, therefore we work more for the future then the present prosperity and structure of our company has been specially created to provide quality services with the highest grade of professionalism. We pride ourselves on our history and the excellent reputation having been gained.

In closing we would like to assure that USL Shipping will always continue to keep its brand name and it's committed efforts to provide better service than ever before to our esteemed clients.

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